Wildfire Protection System by Flame Seal Products

Wildfire Protection System by Flame Seal Products

Flame Seal’s Wildfire Protection System

One of Flame Seal’s proudest achievements is developing a product that gives homeowners a fighting chance in the immediate threat of a wildfire. FSP’s wildfire protection system is a combination of two products that are designed to work as a team in the case of a wildfire. FSP specifically designed these products to be easily applied and to take effect quickly in the scenario of a fast approaching wildfire. By using FSP’s wildfire protection system you are drastically increasing the chances of your property surviving as well as buying valuable time to evacuate the area.



Perimeter Guard (PG)

First, we encourage our customers to spray our Perimeter Guard (PG), a powder that is mixed with water and is ready to be sprayed around the outlying areas. PG fire retardant should be applied (in its “finished product” form) to create a protective perimeter around the property. The application must encompass the entire boundary of structure, including any outbuildings, garden areas, and swimming pools. In most cases, the entire perimeter of the property must be treated. As shown in the video above PG is mixed and sprayed around the perimeter of the first dog house and the second dog house is left unprotected. The fire spreads quickly and engulfs the the unprotected dog house in a moments. The dog house that is protected by the PG was untouched throughout the duration of this small scale test. For more information on PG please review the PG Handbook.



FX-WF is used to protect structures in the path of an active wildfire. It can be applied up to several days, depending upon conditions before the arrival of a fire. On exposure to fire, FX-WF produces thick intumescent char, which acts as a heat and fire barrier, protecting the underlying structure, greatly increasing the chances of survival of the structure. According to the US Forestry report FX-WF significantly outperformed the competition. In the video shown above FSP used three wooden structure to simulate how WF holds up in the case of a wildfire vs untreated wood and a fire protective gel. The untreated wood quickly was overtaken by the flames and eventually collapsed. The fireproof gel did do its job but, the gel dissipated and ultimately failed the simulation. FX-WF was the last structure standing, this simulation shows that FX-WF can guard your home in the event of a wildfire. Embers are a major factor in the growth of a wildfire This product will provide adequate protection from flying embers that are being blown around by the wind.


FSP’s wildfire protection system is essential to fighting wildfires and will give your home a chance to survive the destructive force. Flame Seal Products has put these two products through rigorous testing to assure their performance and strength. In fact, FX-WF was recently tested by the US forestry Department vs other wildfire products. FX-WF outperformed the other products immensely. You may view this report by clicking on the US Forestry Department link.


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