Flame Seal FX950 (Fireproof Paint)

Flame Seal FX950 Fire-Resistant Paint

Flame Seal FX950 is an intumescent, water-based, fire-resistant wood paint suitable for multiple surfaces, such as lumber, plywood, OSB, and Gypsum. It has undergone rigorous testing and holds a classification ranging from Class A up to a 2-hour rating, making it compliant with both domestic and international building codes, as well as standards for the Wildfire Urban Interface. When subjected to fire or intense heat, Flame Seal FX950 forms a protective layer of carbon foam, preventing the heat and flames from penetrating the underlying material. FX950 fire barrier paint is a low-VOC product that offers a slick white finish of architectural grade. You can use this product in combination with a primer and topcoat. For optimal results, Flame Seal recommends the use of an airless sprayer, as detailed in the application guide.

Flame Seal FX950 Documentation

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Application Guide

VOC Emission Certificate 

09 96 46 Intumescent Painting


SubstrateTest StandardResultWFTDFTCoverage Rate sq ft/gal
WoodASTM E 84Class A96180
WoodCAN/ULC S102Class A96180
WoodASTM 2768Pass201380
GypsumASTM E1192 Hours604027
GypsumCAN/ULC S1012 Hours604027

Primer & Top Coating

Primers and top coats may be required alongside the fireproof paint when being used in high humidity applications or when a desired color is needed. The use of primers and top coats have been tested to the ASTM E-84 and ASTM 2768. Testing data shows that the use of top coats have no affect on the burn performance of Flame Seal FX950. For a list of recommended primers and top coats please email flameseal@flameseal.com.

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