FS IBTM (Ignition Barrier)


FS-IB™ Ignition Barrier is a single component, water-based latex coating for use as an ignition barrier over interior Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation. FS-IB™ uses intumescent technology to protect SPF from flame source impingement. FS-IB™ is designed specifically as a protective coating over spray foam insulation in non-occupied areas, such as crawl spaces and uninhabited attics in both residential and commercial structures. The product has been tested successfully under the AC 377, Appendix X test method. FS-IB™ is fast drying and easy to use with standard commercial airless spray equipment Where spray foam system is installed within attics or crawl spaces where entry is made only for service of utilities, an ignition barrier must be installed in accordance with IBC Section 2603.4.1.6 and IRC Section R314.5.4, as applicable. The ignition barrier must be installed in a manner so that the foam plastic insulation is not exposed.

IB Documents

Data Sheet


Application Guide

Thermal Barriers & Ignition Barriers-SPFA 126

Testing Matrix


All foams are tested to the AC 377 Standard.

Foam BrandWet MilsCoverage Rate Per GallonSPF Manufacture Listing
Acme Urethanes WC-506300 sq.ft.ER-605
BASF Enertite7250 sq.ft.ER-3102
Carlisle SealTite Pro OC8200 sq.ft.ER-624
Creative Polymers Airlok 456300 sq.ft.ER-554
Demilec Sealection 5006300 sq.ft.ESR-1172
Icynene Classic6300 sq.ft.ESR-1826
Icynene Classic Ultra6300 sq.ft.ESR-1826
Icynene Classic Ultra Select6300 sq.ft.ESR-1826
Icynene No-Mix6300 sq.ft.CCRR-1123
Lapolla FL5006300 sq.ft.ESR-1148
PCC Prodex5350 sq.ft.Coming Soon
Polygreen Solutions Green Seal 446300 sq.ft.ER-606
SES  EasySeal4400 sq.ft.ER-492
SWD Quik Shield 1066300 sq.ft.CCRR-1011
SWD Quik Shield 1086300 sq.ft.CCRR-1051
Victory Polymers VPC Onestroke6300 sq.ft.ER-599

Recommended Equipment

Dynamic              At The Gun          Tip Size

3000 PSI

2000 PSI


Airless Sprayers


Ultra Max II 795/1095


Impact 840/1140



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