TB-Pro Spray Foam Thermal Barrier

Flame Seal’s TB-Pro is a fire-resistant, single-component, water-based thermal barrier coating intended for application over spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. TB-Pro spray foam thermal barrier leverages intumescent technology to shield insulation from direct flame contact. This product inflates upon exposure to fire or acute heat, forming a protective carbon char layer, thereby insulating the underlying substrate. The TB-Pro complies with the 2018 International Building Code regulations as an alternate thermal barrier coating system for SPF. It also satisfies the requirements of IBC 803.1.2.1, IBC 2603.9, IRC R316.6, IRC 302.9.4, and the E84 Class A. The TB-Pro is accessible in standard colors like white, gray, and charcoal black. For further details about our thermal barriers for spray foam insulation, reach out to Flame Seal.

TB-Pro Documents

Data Sheet
SDS Application Guide

Evaluation Report ER-5165

Thermal Barriers & Ignition Barriers-SPFA 126

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