Flame Seal TB-Pro is a non-flammable, single-component, water-based, thermal barrier coating for use as a thermal barrier over spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. TB-Pro uses intumescent technology to protect SPF from flame source impingement. TB-Pro is designed to expand when exposed to fire or extreme heat and form a protective layer of carbon char, insulating the substrate below. TB-Pro is compliant with the 2018 International Building Code requirements for use as an alternative thermal barrier coating system over SPF. Additionally, TB-Pro meets the IBC 803.1.2.1, IBC 2603.9, IRC R316.6, IRC 302.9.4 and the E84 Class A. TB-Pro is available in standard white, gray, and charcoal black.

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TB-Pro Documents

Data Sheet
SDS Application Guide

Evaluation Report ER-5165

Thermal Barriers & Ignition Barriers-SPFA 126

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