RG.45 Ballistic

RG.45 Ballistic


RG.45 Ballistic has been developed and formatted as a fire retardant for ballistic panels. Traditional ballistic panels are effective with absorbing rounds but have challenges with heat, flame, and unspent gunpowder. The RG.45 Ballistic has been developed to address this range of safety concerns related to fire. Its unique formulation allows for easy application and provides long-lasting protection.

RG.45 Ballistic uses intumescent technology which creates a carbon shield when exposed to heat or flame permitting the round to cool and not ignite the ballistic panel. This shield minimally conducts heat, drastically slowing heat transfer, extending the life span of your panels, and maximizing their protection. In addition, our range guard ballistic fire retardant has been rigorously tested under various conditions to ensure consistent performance, aligning with our dedication to quality assurance.

RG.45 has been independently tested to numerous international standards including ASTM E 108-11 Class A rating; ASTM E84 Class A rating, which test under the harsh conditions of long exposure to direct flame. Learn more about our fire retardant for ballistic ranges today so you can properly apply it to your ballistic panels as soon as possible.


Once RG.45 Ballistic can be applied via an airless sprayer. Apply at a coverage rate of 22 wet mills (80 sq. ft. per gallon) at every 6-inch depth of rubber media. Products may not be diluted or altered prior to use. Range Protect recommends that you reapply range guard ballistic fire retardant when 50 percent of the coating is visibly missing from the rubber or when mining rounds from the rubber.


  • Class A fire-retardant rating on the ASTM E 108-11 and the ASTM E 84 tested on Ballistic Rubber and Panels. For further information reach out to your Flame Seal Representative.
  • Intumescent technology to isolate flame and hot rounds with a pillow of carbon permitting the bullet to cool while protecting the panel
  • A specially designed formulation for excellent adhesion to rubber composite panels without requiring a primer in most cases
  • A matte black finish that blends in well in a tactical environment and panel appearance is not affected by round penetration since both the coating and the panel are black.
  • Applied with airless spray equipment which means fast and reliable installation
  • The coating has a special fast-dry formula which means that the Range can be returned service very quickly
  • Low VOC’s rating and no harmful chemical released either during the application or as a result of Range use
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