Fire-Retardant Treatment for Wood

Fire-Retardant Treatment for Wood

Wood Seal A™ is a clear, water-based penetrant designed to fireproof untreated and raw wood for indoor and some outdoor applications. Compliant with Class A standards as per the ASTM E 84 Flame Spread Test, as necessitated by the 2018 International Building Code Section 803.1.3 (Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishes), this product is a reliable choice for fire resistance. Flame Seal’s Wood Seal A™ fire-retardant wood treatment features a unique mix of proprietary ingredients, creating a mild intumescent foam layer and a carbon char when the treated wood meets fire. This carbon char significantly minimizes flame spread, smoke production, and after-glow, making Wood Seal A™ a potent fire-retardant treatment for wood.

Wood Seal A Documents

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Specification 06-05-00

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