TB-C First Intumescent Coating CAN/ULC-S124-06 Approved

TB-C First Intumescent Coating CAN/ULC-S124-06 Approved


The Canadian spray foam market is extremely strict when it comes to fire safety. The CAN/ULC-S124-06 is the standard test method for the evaluation of protective coverings for foamed plastic, only a handful of products have successfully passed it.  As a result, there is far less competition on the market. Flame Seal’s Canadian thermal barrier (TB-C) is the first and only intumescent coating that has passed this test in early 2015. By passing this test TB-C has joined a small group of products that have survived the grueling test.

TB-C vs Competition

Several cementitious products have passed the CAN/ULC-S124-06 and have been on the Canadian market for some time now. Cementitious products are vastly popular in the Canadian market but, come with many disadvantages. TB-C is easily applied with a small crew of one or two people. Cementitious projects require a crew of 3 or more to operate all the equipment needed. TB-C can be applied with commercial spray equipment which is typically a small investment. Units to apply cementitious are large and quite expensive, upwards of $20,000. Another factor to consider is the overall appearance after you have sprayed your product. TB-C leaves an appealing appearance in white, three shades of gray and black. Cementitious products will appear like oatmeal thrown onto a wall, which sometimes will acquire a paint job. In general, It is a dirty, messy job using cementitious products. Flame Seal TB-C is a much more robust, impact resistant of a product and does not flake off. Cementitious breaks away with impact and commonly flakes off over time. If you are looking for a cost effective product that has passed the CAN/ULC-S124-06 look no further than Flame Seal TB-C.

*Please visit ULC for more information on the CAN/ULC-S124-06 testing specifications.


By: Dylan Nowak

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  1. Gabriel Piñon 7 years ago

    I would like more information about TB
    And also cost per 5 gallon and 55 drum

    Thank You
    Bay Area Spray Foam Specialist
    Corpus Christi, Texas

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