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Flame Seal-RG™ (Rubber Guard) is a two-part coating system designed for use as a Class A fire retardant coating over shredded rubber media. Flame Seal-RG™ was tested under the ASTM E-108-11 method. When Flame Seal-RG™ is exposed to fire or extreme heat, a protective layer of Carbon Foam develops and prevents the fire and heat from transferring to the shredded rubber media. Flame Seal-RG™ comes in White or Black. Flame Seal RG™ is a commercial product installed by professionals in the rubber berm trap industry. Please contact Flame Seal Products for information on RG™ partners.

RG Documents

Data Sheet


Testing Matrix

Products Test Methods ClassificationCoverage
Flame Seal RG™ASTM E-108-11Class A65 ft2per gallon

Application Instructions

Flame Seal-RG™ is a two-part system (4:1 ratio) packaged in 5-gallon kits. This packaging configuration allows the cross linker to be mixed directly into the resin container prior to use. Once Flame Seal-RG™ is well mixed the product can be applied via airless spray equipment. The product, after mixing, has a pot-life of 1-2 hrs. Details can be found on the product label. Products may not be diluted or altered prior to use.



  • Two Part Coating
  • Comes in White or Black
  • Safe Handling
  • Proprietary Ingredients


  • Non-Toxic
  • Colorless
  • Non-staining
  • Inert
  • Non-conductive
  • Neutral Charge
  • No PDBE’s
  • Decrease Fire and Smoke Evolution


  • Substrate Converts to Carbon Char
  • No Flame Propagation
  • Simple Application
  • Non-toxic
  • No Halogen Donor Required

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