Flame Seal 84 (Fireproof Paint)


Flame Seal 84 (FS84) is a water-based Intumescent paint that can be applied to most substrates including, lumber, plywood, OSB, and Gypsum. FS84 is fully tested and has a rating ranging from Class A to 30 minutes to meet building codes domestically, internationally, and for the Wildfire Urban Interface. When Flame Seal 84 is exposed to fire or extreme heat, a protective layer of Carbon Foam develops and prevents the fire and heat from transferring to the substrate. FS84 is a low VOC fire retardant paint with a smooth white architectural grade finish. This product can be paired a primer and a top-coat. For best application Flame Seal recommends using an airless sprayer, please see application guide for more information.

Flame Seal 84 Documentation

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Application Guide

VOC Emission Certificate 

CSI Master Specifications

09 96 46 Intumescent Painting


ProductTest StandardResultWet MilsCoverage (Per Gallon)
FS84ASTM E 84Flame Spread: 0                 Smoke Development: 209180 sq. ft
FS84ASTM 2768Pass2080 sq. ft
FS84CAN/ULC S102Flame Spread: 0                 Smoke Development: 509180 sq. ft
FS84 +Top-CoatWUI (Wildland Urban Interface)Pass2080 sq. ft

Primer & Top Coating

For a list of recommended primers and top-coats please visit our training page and contact us at flameseal@flameseal.com


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