60-60A Thermal Barrier Fully Approved Thermal Barrier on Spray Polyurethane Foam • NFPA 286 Approved

• As low as 115 sq. ft. per gallon

• True Black Color Option

• Ideal Viscosity For Smooth Spraying

• Exceptional Service and Support

60-60A Thermal Barrier Coating


60-60A has met the criteria for use as a 15-minute thermal barrier paint on Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). No. 60-60A is a low VOC, water-based intumescent thermal barrier coating that dries to a flat finish. 60-60A was subjected to flammability testing per NFPA 286 and successfully met the criteria listed in the 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2015 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) 60-60A is approved for use as an alternative thermal barrier per IBC Section 2603.9/IRC R316.6 60-60A is AC-456 Compliant.

60-60A should be applied in a single coat, and does not require a primer. These features make 60-60A the easiest to use, fastest to apply thermal barrier coating available on the market.  

Contact Us today to learn how 60-60A is the right Thermal Barrier Coating for your next Spray Polyurethane Foam job. 60-60a is available in standard white. Black is also available but may require a lead time based on availability.

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60-60A Documentation

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Evaluation Report ER-600

Thermal Barriers & Ignition Barriers-SPFA 126 

Testing Matrix

Tested to the NFPA 286 Test Method

Foam BrandTypeWet MilsSqft/gal
BASF 158CC2080
Carlisle Foamsulate 50OC14115
Carlisle Foamsulate OCXOCX2080
Carlisle Foamsulate 50 HYOC14115
Carlisle Foamsulate HFOOC14115
Carlisle SealTite One-ZeroCC14115
Carlisle SealTite Pro CCCC14115
Carlisle SealTite Pro OCOC14115
Carlisle SealTite Pro OCHYOC14115
Carlisle SealTite Pro No-MixOC14115
Carlisle SealTite OCXOCX2080
Carlisle QUADFOAM 2.0CC2080
Demilec Heatlok HFOCC1889
Demilec HFO High LiftCC1889
Gaco OnePassCC12133
Gaco OnePass LowCC12133
Gaco EZSprayOC12133
Gaco 183MCC12133
Johns Manville JM Corbond OCXOC2080
Johns Manville JM Gen IVCC14115
Lapolla FL 2000CC2080
Rhino Linings OC B-DOC14115
Rhino Linings 0.5OC14115
Rhino Linings 2.0CC14115
Sustainable Polymers .50 OCXOCX2080
Sustainable Polymers .50 OCOC14115
SWD QS108YMOC14115
SWD QS112CC2080
SWD QS118CC2080
ThermoSeal 2000/2000WCC14115
Victory Polymers SuperliftCC1889
Victory Polymers SuperYieldCC1889
Victory Polymers VPC-50OC14115

Application Instructions

Apply 60-60A according to the manufacturer’s written instructions. Use applicators and techniques best suited to the type of foam being applied. Do not use the thermal barrier coating paint over dirt, rust, scale, grease, moisture, scuffed surfaces, or conditions detrimental to forming a durable paint film. Paint surfaces behind movable equipment and furniture the same as similar exposed surfaces.

60-60A may be applied in a single coat. 60-60A will resist sagging and dripping when applied at thicknesses up to 35 mils WFT.

Mil thickness and coverage rates will vary from 14 wet mils at 115 square feet per gallon to 20 wet mils at 80 square feet per gallon. Check ER-596 for the correct mil thickness and square feet per gallon. The medallion method was utilized during testing to measure dry film thickness. Actual coverage rates will vary based on surface texture, overspray, and transfer losses. Please allow a minimum of 5-10% overspray and loss rate when estimating and applying the thermal barrier coating. The application rate should be adjusted for surface texture, overspray, and miscellaneous losses. Refer to SPFA-121 “Spray Polyurethane Foam Estimating Reference Guide” for specific determination methods.

The use of an overlapping technique is recommended to ensure that a uniform amount of coating is applied onto the foam surface. The applicator should adjust the spray pattern and technique so that each application stroke overlaps by 30%

Checklist Before You Start:

  • ✓ Humidity – Is the relative humidity less than 65%?
  • ✓ Consistency – Are the contents thoroughly mixed?
  • ✓ Surface – Are all substrates clean, dry, and sound?
  • ✓ Measurement – Wet film gauge on-site?
  • ✓ Need help – Call 713-668-4291
  • ✓ Correct spray tips – 525-527 recommended
  • ✓ Airless sprayer with minimum .07 GPM
  • ✓ Power drill & mixer of appropriate size
  • ✓ Work lights for tight areas

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